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My name is Diamond, and I have a passion for culinary arts and hospitality. From a young age I would always watch people cook. As I got older I would be the shadow of anyone in the kitchen and I always loved helping out. My mother saw how much I loved being in the kitchen so she enrolled me in a culinary program for children, it was a great experience, and now I want to be a children's chef. I also was in a 2 year culinary program in high school where I participated in PROSTART (a culinary competition) both years. In my second and final year I was the captain. That was one of the best learning opportunities have had, outside  of attending The Culinary Institute of America. I am a private chef and have my own line of spices. My passion is cooking but I have also a strong passion for hospitality, I love interacting with people and getting to know them. That's why I know I'm in the perfect field. 

I take my time with every bottle that I make. When I create a spice mixture I take my time to find the right balance of the flavors to ensure I am putting out the best product I can. I perfer to hand crush my spices to have a nice variety of coarse and fine bits in my spice. I dehydrate my own garlic, onion, lemons, and herbs. Fresh Ingredient in every bottle ! LOW to NO sodium ! There is no added ingredients just flavor ! 

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