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“Great spice combination Chef. I originally was going to use it on salmon I was having for dinner. My friend, who was actually grilling that day, invited me over. I bought two bottles of spices so took one over as a gift. The spices were used on some of the
chicken, burgers and steaks.

Everyone enjoyed the flavor of the meats. This product is definitely worth a repeat purchase. Thanks”

-Jay  (Website)

“I purchased the Everything Spice for my mom and I. Before I had a chance to try it my mother called raving about how good it was and asking me to place another order for her. I originally tried it on chicken wings in the air fryer and they were the best I have tasted. Its good on everything like the bottle says. I have used it on meat, salad, pizza, eggs, veggies. You will not be disappointed. The barbecue rub is so good, my kids were literally eating it in the palms of their hands. Once you smell it, you have to taste it.”

-Monica (Website)

“There are a few thing I like best about your products. I enjoy shopping from minority own businesses; the quality of your freshly blended, herb and spice seasonings exudes a savory flavor to my food; and the price is comparable to other quality seasonings at
the market.

Praying you well on your business journey -for an increase and favor you never imaged possible. Mark 11:24 (NIV) "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

-Chyri (Website)

“First and foremost people use phrases like, "Sauce is the Boss". Well let me tell you my phrase after trying her products, "Dee's Spice is NICE"! The flavor you've created is a true masterpiece with both the Everything spice as well Grill N Rub. This is the only seasoning required on chicken, beef, pork, or fish. Keep up the great job!

I'm glad I found your company on Instagram! You must have a serious culinary background!! ”

-Bryce (Website)


-Louise (Website)

“Diamanté by Diamond is a type of seasoning that you use once and then you can’t stop using it. It is addicting in the most positive way. You can take literally any of your favorite foods and add everything spice 😭. It’s a complete game changer 👍🏽. Everybody needs Everything!!! 🤗 ”

-Julian (Facebook)

“These spices by DiamantebyDiamond were very exquisite on my parents chicken and ribs, the everything spice by itself was everything the name calls for, it is HIGHLY recommended. ”

-Justin (Facebook)

“These seasonings are THE BEST!!!!! I can’t imagine making any meals without them. All the seasonings taste so fresh and it’s so nice knowing that I’m not putting anything unnecessary in my body. I recommend every single seasoning and will always be a repeat customer. ”

-Ashley (Facebook)

"Go and support this BLACK OWNED business! Diamonds herbs + spices are freshly blended to create an aroma that is sure to arouse your tastebuds. Plus they are organically made!!! We need to support each other in every way we can in this time in our country so why not start here! #DbyD #Igotmine #yougotyours?"

-WV Pickens (Facebook)

"Awesome flavor! This is the perfect blend of seasonings, tastes great on anything."

-Cornelius (Etsy)

"Sassy southwest is the best I have had!!!!!"

-Sabrina (Website)

"SOOO delicious thank you girl :))))"

-Solomiya (Etsy)

"We used it to make vegetarian lasagna and it gave the dish so much flavor! I can’t wait to try the other spices!"

-Daniel (Etsy)

"Very flavorful!!! It’s hard to find flavorful low sodium spices. My new go to seasoning! I will definitely be purchasing again. It was perfect for my Red Beans and Cauliflower Rice!


Love this! I will be using this for ALL of my fish dishes."

-Andria (Etsy)

"Can’t wait to try this seasoning! Gave to my husband as a gift and he is excited to get to cooking with it! Excellent customer service and quick delivery!

Gave this to my husband for his birthday and he is excited to try it! The perfect gift for the grill master!"

                                                  - Chris Davis (Etsy)

"Thank you Chef Diamond for the variety of seasonings. I have tried all your seasonings individually and in combination. Have not been disappointed. Please keep up the great work and product creativity."
                                       -Jaycam & Associates
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